We bring in the advanced PCD welding technology and use the best PCD in China to keep good quality. 1/4 PCD shoes good performance for glur remove. High performance good quality. Also other PCD are available.

Categories: PCD tools.
PCD shoes for Scanmaskin machine, Husqvarna machine, Lavina machine, HTC machine, Blastrac machine, ASL machine, Kindex machine......

Total PCD segment, 1/2 PCD segments and 1/3 PCD segment, 1/4 PCD segment are available.
PCD seg + diamond seg are available.
PCD chips segment is available.

Both Clockwise and counterclockwise directions are available.

Applications: To remove all types of stubborn coatings, such as paint, varnish, glue, expoxy, acrylic, screed residue, VCT mastic, black tar abhesive as well as thick rubbery material.

Features: Very aggressive for heavy coating removal, efficient and cost effective, PCD still holds tightly even working on rough concrete.

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